Holiday Tree Cake

When I was a kid, I always wanted to cut down my own Christmas Tree. There was just something so cool about going to the forest and finding the perfect tree to bring home and decorate. Unfortunately, I'm Jewish - and Jews don't cut down trees for the holidays. They light candles.

So it is something that is still on my life "to do" list. One of these years I will get out there and cut down my own tree. But in the mean time, I made a cake - a cake dedicated to all the trees I have not cut down over the years. 

This is a great winter themed cake you can make at home. It is a simple Vanilla Vanilla Cake covered in white fondant and decorated with lavender leaf (fresh rosemary should work as well) "tree stamps".

I mixed green petal dust and a little bit of vodka until I got a paint like consistency. I painted one side of the lavender leaf and then used a paper towel to carefully press the painted leaf against the fondant. It was simple - and I love the texture the leaves left behind! Try it at home and see what you think!

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